Tips for Hiring a Commercial Cleaner

Find a cleaner with years of experience serving clients with needs that are similar to yours

When it comes to commercial cleaning, experience matters. Companies that are new in the market may offer you lower prices, but the fact is that quality work can only be done by a company whose staff know what they are doing. Before hiring a cleaning company, ask them if they have dealt with a client who has needs that are similar to yours. Ask the company’s representative for references, as you would in the case of a job interview. Hygiene standards in public buildings and offices are usually held to certain statutory standards, and an experienced cleaner is more likely to be familiar with such standards. You can download a printable PDF checklist that covers all the important aspects to check when looking to hire a suitable commercial cleaner, which you can find here.

Check to ensure the company is covered in case of legal liabilities and insurance claims

Your commercial cleaner should have adequate insurance cover in case of any claims that may come about while they are on your business premises. If the company doesn’t have all the coverage it needs, its liabilities may extend to your business. Make sure that the company also adhere to labor and workplace safety laws, and that it has an immaculate record with regard to these issues.

Check the cleaning company’s staffing policies

You should also look into the hiring policies of the cleaning company before you commit to doing business with them. Find out if the commercial cleaner does background checks on its employees. Cleaning services with shady employees are likely to pose a threat to your employees or your property if they are given access to your place of business. Find a cleaning company that has well-trained staff, all of whom have legal residence status. The staff should be trained to be security conscious, and they should always be in uniform so that they can be easily identified.

Create a comprehensive cleaning schedule that the company has to adhere to

Before signing a contract, work with the company representative to create a comprehensive cleaning schedule that they have to adhere to. You should make sure that the cleaners fully understand all the duties that they are charged with. Ensure that you list all the cleaning activities, and how frequently they have to be done.

Agree on a payment plan

You should scrutinize the proposed payment plan to ensure that it is not unduly inflated. The commercial cleaning companies will charge you for labor, cleaning supplies, equipment, administrative fees, and other miscellaneous costs. Go through the payment plan item by item, and ensure that you are paying fair market prices for the contract cleaning services.

Sign a contract that lacks any ambiguities

Finally, you should sign a service agreement. This is a legally binding document that governs the relationship between you and your commercial cleaner. The contract should be very specific when it comes to prices and the terms of payment. It should also specify the cleaner’s obligations, and it should outline what needs to be done in case of conflict between you and your cleaner. Before you sign the contract, make sure that all your questions have been answered to your satisfaction.