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 Claire Burke Home Fragrances:  Original, AppleJack & Peel, Christmas Memories, Oh Christmas Tree, Citron Verbena and many more

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 Vitabath Bath & Body products: in Original Spring Green, Plus for Dry Skin and Spa Skin Therapy.  Prices are lowest on the Internet.

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Spring 2011 at Claire Burke

 The Claire Burke motto is "The Scent of Memories" and everyone who has ever smelled Claire Burke's Original fragrance WILL always remember it.  But Original is not the only fragrance Claire Burke has in her stock of fragrances.  There's AppleJack & Peel which has been a favorite for many years.  A lot of folks seem to like it better around the holidays.  There are the two fragrances which came out a couple of years ago - Vanilla Bean and Wild Cotton which are quite popular.  Then last year Tropical Flowers arrived earlier in the year and later came Cherry O!  And all of these fragrances can be layered by using so many different products:  georgeous bagged potpourri, beautiful botanical candles, long-lasting filled candles, smaller votives and tealight candles, simmering oils, refresher oils to freshen up your potpourri, the wonderful light fragrance of diffusers and of course the electric fragrance warmers and who can forget the fabulous vapourri room sprays.  These can be used for their visual appeal or fragrance alone or in combination.

Some products impart a stronger fragrance for those larger rooms and some have just a hint of fragrance for smaller spaces.  If you have a favorite fragrance among all of those that Claire Burke offers, there is a product in that fragrance just for you.



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Would You Like to Look Years Younger?

Read what Dr. Oz says:

"What Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid do is get rid of all the old, dead layers of skin and help your skin generate fresh new ones.  Our tests show that you can erase almost 20 to 30 years off your face in less than 14 days.  But the key is to choose the creams and SERUMS that contain the purest quality ingredients, since they are not all the same." - Dr. Oz.

Vitamin C is a CRITICAL substance necessary for maintaining your good health and youthful appearance.


Introducing VITAMIN C Skin Serum by Youthful Glow Skin Care!  This is one of the most AMAZING skin care products which puts the POWER of Vitamin C on your face and skin to truly jump start your anti aging regimen.


Just some of the incredible benefits this serum provides to your skin are:

  •  Fosters anti-aging by stimulating collagen production which reduces fine lines and minimizes wrinkles giving your skin a smoother, more youthful appearance
  • Lessens the appearance of age spots, freckles and discolorations to help fight signs of premature aging
  • Offers protection from and helps repair sun damage with its powerful antioxidant qualities
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Shown to have a strong antimicrobial effect that reduces the bacteria causing acne
  • Youthful Glow Skin Care Vitamin C Skin Serum also contains Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Glycerine in a water soluble base which does not leave an oily feel on the skin.  It feeds the ski with much-needed nutrients and leaves the skin hydrated to reduce any dryness
  • There are no alcohols, parabens or fragrances in this serum so your skin is not irritated, but rather left refreshed giving you a healthy Youthful Glow!

More about the ingredients in Youthful Glow Skin Care Vitamin C Skin Serum:

The Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid in Youthful Glow Skin Care Vitamin C Skin Serum are both natural ingredients that work together to erase wrinkles and fine lines at the cellular level - below the skin's surface.

Vitamin C is the key to maintaining healthy, youthful skin.  It is a Powerful antioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical damage, which causes skin dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles.  It helps combat and even reverse time's effects on your skin, because it produces Collagen - a protein which makes skin appear plump and firm.

Hyaluronic Acid works by binding to moisture.  It can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, making it an excellent skin plumper.  Hyaluronic Acid helps your skin repair itself from dryness, irritation or environmental stresses.


Some other ingredients found in Youthful Glow Skin Care Vitamin C Skin Serum in lesser amounts, but no less important are:

  • MSM, which contributes Sulfur to your skin and helps to strengthen Collagen
  • Witch Hazel, which is a natural soother of inflammation
  • Jojoba Oil, another natural oil which is rich in Vitamin E, is non-greasy, is hypoallergenic, is quickly absorbed and very hydrating to the skin
  • Aloe Vera, which is a natural moisturizer and conditioner for the skin and is used to calm irritation from itches, rashes and acne.

Our Guarantee to You:

If at any time you are not 100% happy with your purchase of Youthful Glow Skin Care Vitamin C Skin Serum, let us know and we will refund your entire purchase price with no questions asked.  YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR GOAL!


Important - Please Read:

This product is a very popular item on Amazon.  For that reason, there may be times when we are Sold Out.  Please be patient as we will have more serum back in stock very soon.

Order your bottle(s) of Youthful Glow Skin Care Vitamin C Skin Serum

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