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Claire Burke Original and Other Fragrances and Products

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You are invited to discover an extraordinary home fragrance gift collection from Claire Burke® that speaks to your sense of style while imparting the ‘scent of memories’ with unexpected flair.

The ‘scent of memories’ evokes experience; melding past and present in a luminous link that fills the atmosphere with possibilities… This is the spirit of decorating with fragrance. This is the heart of the Claire Burke® collection.

More than 50 years ago, the collection began with the creative vision of the founder, Claire Burke herself.  A talented interior designer, she was intrigued by fragrance and began exploring how to capture its essence. Blending flowers and herbs, she created aromatic sachets of rose petals, lavender and cinnamon bark. So popular were these that she began blending other botanicals and thus launched our first decorative home fragrance line, Claire Burke® Potpourri.

Since those early days, Claire Burke® has become today’s collection, beloved by so many for its special fragrances and accessories.  Always seeking new ways to decorate with fragrance, staying true to Claire Burke's mission of creating the ‘scent of memories’ to captivate and illuminate.

Claire Burke® home fragrances are elegant and sophisticated, always maintaining a reputation for lavish potpourri, Vapourri sprays, refresher oils, botanical candles, glass candles and wonderful simmering oils. Now, discover inspiring new ways to decorate with fragrance...and give the gift of a fragrant memory, only from Claire Burke®.

Claire Burke® Botanical Candles have wonderful herbs, flowers and fragrance elements displayed on the outside of the candle. As it burns down, the flame flickers to show off these elements. Botanical candles will last from 60 to 70 hours.

Claire Burke® Vapourri spray is perfect for a burst of fragrance whenever and wherever you desire. No one makes better sprays than Claire Burke and the container is almost as beautiful as the fragrance.

Claire Burke® Potpourri blends are fragrant and quite lovely when displayed in decorative containers. Place these around your home and create a sense of outdoors, freshen the botanicals with companion refresher oils as required. Use with our Claire Burke glass potpourri holder.

Claire Burke® Simmering Oils are wonderful in a kitchen simmering pot. Used sparingly, these 6 oz bottles will seem to last forever! Available year round in Apple Jack & Peel, great for crisp fall evenings, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Simmer in a crockpot or in our Claire Burke Silver Simmering Pot.

Claire Burke® Refresher Oils are low cost, multi-purpose and offer many options for home fragrance:

Refresh your botanical potpourri
Add to your simmering pot
Scent your car by applying to cotton balls

Claire Burke® Glass luxury and Tin candles are wonderful for travel. Take your favorite fragrance with you on your next trip to scent your hotel room and remind you of home. Triple wick tin candle has a slip on lid. Portable fragrances to take with you wherever you go!  And now there are tealight trios in most scents as well as tealight refills.

And whose house can be without a Claire Burke® electric fragrance warmer.  Use the same fragrance in every room or change the fragrance from room to room to change the mood of the room.  This year the fragrance warmers have been redesigned and are more stylish than ever.

Have you seen fragrance diffusers in your local department store.  These are the newest way to lightly fragrance you room.  Claire Burke® has a beautiful fragrance diffuser in their new Simply Jasmine fragrance line. Not only does the diffuser produce a light scent of delicate musk, peach and lily it is presented in a beautiful new way.

Following are the current Claire Burke® fragrances which Dogwood Square carries:

*** Claire Burke Everyday Fragrances ***

 Claire Burke Original Fragrance Claire Burke Original Fragrance -

Infuse your surrondings with the soothing scent of Claire Burke's Original fragrance with its timeless blend of roses, lavender and spice. laced with patchouli and vetiver that is perfectly suited to any season. This classic fragrance has been a tradition passed down from one generation to the next for over 50 years and is still just as popular today as it was when Claire Burke herself first formulated it for her customers.  Made with highly concentrated oils, this wonderful fragrance will leave your rooms freshened like no other fragrance you have ever used!

 Claire Burke Apple Jack & Peel FragranceClaire Burke Applejack and Peel Fragrance -

With its long lasting burst of fragrance that infuses your surroundings with the delightful scent of Applejack & Peel. Enjoy the welcoming aroma of baked apples warmed with cinnamon, spice, and a twist of citrus in Claire Burke’s Applejack & Peel home fragrance. This wonderful fragrance from Claire Burke quickly freshens any area of your home. Made with highly concentrated oil it is formulated to possibly be the most powerful room freshener you have ever used!

Claire Burke Cherry O! Fragrance -

Life is like a bowl of cherries, but in our bowl, we don't have any pits! Cherry O! is the perfect serving of ripe, delicioius "just picked" cherry fragrance.

This "cheery" fragrance of Sweet Mandarin and Barbados Cherries bejeweled with sparkling Pomegranate seeds, Pink Grapefruit and Vanilla Sugar will bring a smile to your face and a song to your heart!

Claire Burke Tropical Flowers Fragrance -

  The breezy fragrance of velvety gardenia petals, island orchid and dewy green leaves effortlessly takes you away from the stress of it all.


Claire Burke Vanilla Bean Fragrance -

Claire  Burke Vanilla Bean is a rich and decadent scent with ensconce of vanilla butter cream frosting, sweet caramel marshmallow fluff, tonka beans and musk. 


Claire Burke Wild Cotton Fragrance -

  A fresh, light floral scent with notes of light citrus, clean white cotton, spring lilies, white freesia, wildflowers, a hint of vanilla, warm woods and soft musk in Claire Burke Wild Cotton


*** Claire Burke Holiday Fragrances ***

Claire Burke Slice of Spice Fragrance -

  You can almost taste the essence of pumpkin and allspice mixed with delicious cream cheese icing and shredded carrot. Topped with notes of maple syrup and rum. Yummie!


 Claire Burke Christmas Memories Fragrance Claire Burke Christmas Memories Fragrance

Let holiday spices fill the air with Claire Burke's Christmas Memories. From warm cinnamon to hints of smoky clove, the enduring fragrance sets the perfect holiday mood. Nothing captures the essence of a festive holiday home like the celebrated fragrance of Christmas Memories with the inspiring aroma of spiced cinnamon.


 Claire Burke Oh Christmas Tree Fragrance Claire Burke Oh Christmas Tree Fragrance -

Wintry freshness comes alive with the spectacular botanicals in Claire Burke's Oh Christmas Tree potpourri. The spruce tips and pinecones, forest nuts and berries, white bark and balsam twigs impart a crisp, clean aroma. Including Refresher Oil Spray, the potpourri is presented with a rich forest-green satin ribbon and gift tag. Capture the memorable scent of a freshly cut evergreen, ornamented with patchouli, golden amber and white pine with Claire Burke's Oh Christmas Tree fragrance.

Claire Burke DISCONTINUED Fragrances (VERY Limited Stock)

  Claire Burke Citrus Blush Fragrance -

Claire Burke Citrus Blush FragranceExperience the fresh scent of a sunlit grove with pink grapefruit enhanced by juicy mandarin, tangerine and papaya with Claire Burke's new Citrus Blush. With its long lasting burst of fragrance and elegant brushed aluminum canister, Claire Burke's Vapourri room spray fragrances any environment with the fresh scent of Citrus Blush. Spray desired amount of Claire Burke Vapourri to quickly freshen any area of your home. Made with highly concentrated oil, Claire Burke Vapourri may be the most powerful room spray you have ever used!

Claire Burke Fresh Cut Spruce Fragrance -

   Decorate your home with a traditional essence of fresh evergreen combined with a comforting accord of Patchouli, Golden Amber, and White Pine.


  Claire Burke Pomegranate Plum FragranceClaire Burke Pomegranate Plum Fragrance -

Claire Burke Pomegranate Plum features rousing aromas of exotic pomegranate, juicy plum, fresh papaya and creamy vanilla is sure to create a warm and welcoming environment in your home. Beautiful hues of deep purple and rich scarlet are complemented with gold tones in this sumptuous blend. With its long-lasting burst of fragrance and brushed silver dispenser Claire Burkes Vapourri room spray is always a must have.

Claire Burke Pumpkin Strudel Fragrance -

   Imagine coming home to the fragrance of warm strudel baked in a pumpkin with just that hint of spice. Oh, yum!



Claire Burke Sheer Vanilla Fragrance -

     Essence of vanilla accented by an airy accord of white florals, amber, musk and patchouli.



Claire Burke Simply Jasmine Fragrance -

   Bask in the lush sweetness and verdant freshness of jasmine enhanced by leafy green notes and delicate musk, peach and lily.


Claire Burke The Sea Fragrance -

A light  mist refreshes with the pure scent of Claire Burke The Sea. Where azure waters meet indigo skies, white villas overlook the horizon and sultry evenings are perfumed by sheer florals infused with lingering amber and hints of sandalwood, this is the place we call The Sea. Reintroduced in celebration of Claire Burke's 50th Anniversary,

The Sea has been given a fresh, sophisticated new look.

Claire Burke White Gardenia Fragrance -

   White Gardenia. A romantic antique gardenia scent.



Claire Burke White Lavender Fragrance -

White Lavender by Claire Burke…The path to relaxation begins with a stroll through a field of wild lavender enhanced with refreshing lemon allowing you to drift into guiltless tranquility. The White Lavender fragrance celebrates you, soothing the senses while energizing the spirit. Create your own serene retreat anywhere, any time—aromatic lavender with just a hint of lemon takes you there in an instant.

Claire Burke Wisteria Fragrance -

     Claire Burke Wisteria captures the romance of a hidden garden perfumed by wisteria, rose, jasmine and lily-of-the-valley with hints of sandlewood, musk and amber.


Claire Burke® products are always welcome gifts. Original Deluxe Gift Set includes Potpourri, Triple-wick Tin Candle, and Vapourri spray. Beautifully boxed with a charming ribbon.

Provide us with separate shipping address, save yourself a trip to the Post Office and we will ship this lovely present for you.

Indulge yourself with exquisite Claire Burke® home fragrance to soothe the soul and revive the spirit. These high quality products will fragrance your entire room and last for many hours while you experience the pleasures of aromatherapy and lovely home décor. Shop now for Claire Burke® Home Fragrances



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