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Dogwood Square is really excited about our the Baby and Children's products we offer.  We hope you will like the ones we have chosen of all the ones on the market.  We have searched for companies who produce well-made and more importantly products which are safe for the children you will buy these for.

Our whole reason for adding a Baby and Children's section to Dogwood Square is pictured at the left and right, Miss Brynlea and Mr. James.  They have been and continue to be precious additions to our family.

We are proud to offer baby and children's sleeping products from a company called Halo Innovations.  They produce the HALO® SleepSack™ Swaddle and SleepSack™ wearable blankets.  Introduced in 2000, the HALO® SleepSack™ wearable blanket is the only product to carry the First Candle/SIDS Alliance #1 Safest Sleep Product gold seal and is universally recognized by new Moms for its thoughtful design and exceptional quality.  We are also proud to say that a percentage of all SleepSack™ wearable blanket and SleepSack™ Swaddle sales go directly to First Candle/SIDS Alliance to support medical research, education and family services.



Hosting Your First Baby Shower

Trying to throw a baby shower is far different than thinking back to the ones we attended or even the ones that were thrown for us. We have to consider what the mother to be wants and does not and make sure we plan the shower in a timely manner. This article will cover the basics of a baby shower.

The first question that must be addressed is who is going to throw the shower. Today just about anyone can throw the shower as values and traditions are rapidly changing. However there was a time when only close friends were the ones who were supposed to have this job. The reason was because when a relative throws a shower it can give the impression that they are trying to get gifts for their family member instead of wanting to celebrate the upcoming baby with family and friends.

The invitation list must be decided early on. Close family and friends for both the mother and father to be should be invited. A traditional view of a baby shower is to keep the lit intimate, less than 25 people, in order to allow the guest of honor time to spend with each guest. However when big families and lists of close friends are involved this may not be possible. Make sure before you finalize the list you allow the mother to be to go over it to make sure that no one was left out and that everyone being invited is someone she is comfortable sharing her special day with.

In the ever changing world of baby showers one thing that might need to be considered is throwing a modern co-ed shower. This would allow both the men and the women to celebrate together in one place. If this is the way you want to go you may want to reconsider the decorations, the food or the activities to best suit everyone's tastes.

If the couple wants something modern but the woman still wants her own shower you may want to consider having a shower for the women and a party for the men, this would allow both partners to celebrate the upcoming birth in their own way.

Now that we know what type of party is being thrown, who is throwing it and who is being invited it is time to decide when it will be. An ideal time for a baby shower is near the end of the sixth month through the beginning of the eighth month. This will ensure that the mother to be will have a small chance of going into labor before the party. This will also help the expecting parents know what they do and do not have in time to finish shopping and to put all the baby's new things in place before the arrival.

Now it is time to choose the invitations. The invitations can be of any design, but if the parents have chosen a theme for the nursery the invitations should follow that theme. The invitations should be sent out with the guest of honor's name, the hostesses name and number, the location, date, and time of the party, a date to RSVP by, a map to the shower as well as a list of any of the stores the parents may be registered at.

Now that all preparations have been completed it is time to look forward to the shower. A typical shower is 2 to 3 hours in length. The beginning is usually when the hostess and the guest of honor will thank each guest for coming. During the period of everyone's arrival is usually time for people to mingle. After everyone is there, there is usually some king of food either a sit down meal like a brunch or a variety of finger foods and desserts. After the food you may choose to play a couple of games. Finally, the guest of honor gets to open her presents. As the hostess besides providing the party and the food, you may also want to buy door prizes, prizes for the baby shower games and party favors.

Now you know the basics of throwing a successful baby shower.

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Great Baby Gifts

Choosing what gift to bring to a baby shower should be fun.  Sure, it takes time and thought, especially when it comes to matching what you can afford and what matches the mother-to-be's tastes.  Traditional gifts can be pricey and lack personality.  This time, why not step back from the usual baby gifts and give something different and special?

If you are hosting the party, why not make a list of suggested items for the baby and mother?   You can distribute the information to all of the guests so that everyone can make an educated choice for their gift.  You can interview mom and find out which items she hasn't purchased yet, or if there are any themes that she prefers.  You might even take the time to write down what she dislikes.  This will be particularly useful for any out of towns guests who can't personally assess what might be missing from the nursery.  To make it even easier they could have an online merchant deliver it directly to mom's door.

A common shower gift is clothing.  At first thought, it seems like a good idea, but in practice it doesn't work out very well.  Babies grow so fast that it's hard to predict the size of the baby to the season of the clothing.  Remember that an adorable infant-sized sweater isn't going to be very comfortable for baby in August!  Also bear in mind that not all mothers enjoy the idea of pink for girls and blue for boys.  If you do choose clothing, try to buy gender neutral colors. You also might choose the option of buying a gift card for a local shop that carries baby clothing.  If you are a close friend, you might make a personal IOU note for something special, like baby's christening outfit.

When sending out invitations for a baby shower, be sure to check if mom is registered anywhere and include this information.  This will help guests plan, and maybe even come together to purchase a more expensive item.  It also reduces the chances that she will receive doubles of a gift.

For a second or third child, remember that this household already has the essentials.  Baby will probably be decked out in older sister's bonnet and older brother's  jumper. Try giving a personalized and unique gift, such as a hand-print and footprint kit, or a personalized photo-frame.  If the baby hasn't been born yet, you can include a gift certificate for the engraving.

And don't forget that Dogwood Square carries the gift which offers new parents real "peace of mind".  I'm speaking of the Angelcare® Movement Sensor by BebeSounds.  This is a revolutionary monitor with an under-the-mattress Sensor pad that detects your baby's slightest movements. If your baby goes absolutely still for 20 seconds, the Sensor pad sends a signal to the Nursery Unit which comes with the sensor sounding an alarm, alerting you to check your baby.

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