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We have products by Claire Burke; luxurious bath and body items by Vitabath; wonderful & unique wedding favors, gifts and accessories; Tyler highly-scented soy candles; wonderful soy candles and fragrance diffusers from Sweet Grass Farms; SeedBallz and HerbBallz for your gardening pleasure; products and gifts for your new baby or toddler; and now the incredible Cricut Expression cutting machine for all those DIY and scrapbooking projects!

About Dogwood

See our ad in Southern Lady Magazine is my online gift boutique which finally came to fruition after years of trying to find a way to turn my love for quality bath and body products, candles and home fragrance products into a home-based business.

I have always tried to find and give the best bath gel, soap, lotion, candles or perfume as gifts for birthdays, Mother's day, Valentine's day, Christmas or other occasions. Now I have found a way to offer some of those very products to everybody.

Now that our son is married and in a home of his own and my husband is off doing his projects, I have time to find products and offer them to the public.

I have deliberately tried to find products for women in many stages of their lives from planning a wedding, to making a house a home, to planning for a new baby, to working in the garden or saving those precious mementos in scrapbooks.  I have looked for products my customers would be delighted to give as gifts to items they would want to use for themselves.

We have been fortunate to partner with companies who sell wonderful products like:
  •  Claire Burke's home fragrances;
  • Vitabath's luxurious bath and body products;
  • Sweet Grass Farm, whose products are made of soy and other healthy ingredients and smell incredible;
  • Tyler Candles which are some of the best smelling candles anywhere around;
  • Strong Marketing, whose products, SeedBallz and HerbBallz, are not only made by developmentally challenged workers, but are just the greatest for growing flowers and herbs;
  • Provo Craft, who manufactures The Cricut Expression cutting machine, a super aid in scrapbooking;
  • Kate Aspen and Baby Aspen, two wonderful companies who offer amazing wedding and baby shower favors and baby gifts;
  • and so many more.

And we don't stop.  I am always looking for additional quality products which will compliment the products we already carry.

I still do have a "day job" as an IT Systems Manager for an Alabama State agency.  I also have years of experience in data security with a couple of large banks.  I have seen first hand how dangerous identity theft can be and am very mindful of protecting customers' personal and financial information.

I am currently in charge of all the computers and networks in our agency which can be really stressful some days.  I am known as the computer "geek" at work which is probably fitting because I am very comfortable sitting at my PC.  So this little business seemed a wonderful combination of two of the things I really enjoy...working with computers and offering people marvelous gifts they will be as proud as I am to give to family and friends.

I really enjoy talking with the folks who drop by Dogwood Square (by e-mail, that is.)  I enjoy helping them find a gift for a family member or friend.  I am glad to offer them what, I feel, are really quality items for them to choose from...items which I use and am proud to give to my family and friends.

I believe in treating all of my customers as if they are good friends and try to give them the very best customer service I can.  Everyone is always welcome to come into Dogwood Square and look around and I am sure there is something there for their home, their family, their friends or themselves... has been in business since August, 2003, and each month seems to be better than the last.  This is a home-based business and not by any stretch, a large organization.  I am the principal employee with my husband helping out every once in a while.  I am the filler of all orders, answerer of all e-mails and maker of most decisions.  I offer FREE shipping on all orders of $50 or more and of course, no one from outside the State of Alabama pays sales tax.

The phone number on the site is basically just an answering machine since I work at my "day job" every day, but if you leave a message, I will call you back in the evening when I get home.

If you have had a good experience at Dogwood Square, please tell your friends and family and we would always like to hear from you too.  If you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me at  I monitor my e-mail pretty constantly.  I would request that your communications be polite and respectful. Who knows, your comments may end up on our Customer Comments page.  On the other hand, if you have a problem, we want to hear about that too.

Please also see the Customer Service page with the FAQ section at the bottom for more information regarding shipping, etc.

Thank you for your interest in my company and I hope you like the products I have chosen as much as I do.  My wish for you is that whatever item(s) you purchase, it/they will give you or the gift recipient as much pleasure as they give me in presenting them to you.


Della Franklin, Owner
Dogwood Square


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