8 Bathroom Items You May Have Forgotten To Clean

You probably have a routine or checklist that you use when cleaning your bathroom. Most people tend to focus on things such as the tub, the toilet bowl, and the sink basin. In order to comprehensively clean your bathroom and to guard against bacteria and germs, you need to pay attention to all the items in your bathroom. Some items need to be cleaned regularly, while others need to be periodically thrown out and replaced. Here is a list of bathroom items that you need to pay attention to.


Bathroom mats

Bathmats tend to get soaked in excess water, and they are therefore particularly susceptible to mildew infestations. You should frequently machine wash you bathmats to get rid of germs, bacteria, mildew, and mold. Remember that if your bathmat has a rubber backside, it cannot be put in a dryer.


Loofahs and washcloths

Given that the bathroom is a generally damp area, molds, yeasts, and other fungi tend to grow on loofahs. Loofahs also tend to collect dead skin cells, and they can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Because of this, some hygiene experts recommend that you use washcloths in place of loofahs. If you must have your loofahs, ensure that you replace the natural ones at least every three weeks, and the synthetic ones at least every 2 months.

Your razor blades

Even though razors are generally meant to be disposable, many people are inclined to get the most use out of their razors, and it is not uncommon to have worn and rusty razors around the bathroom. If you like reusing your razors, ensure that you clean them thoroughly and you get rid of all traces of hair and shaving cream on the blades. Use the alcohol in your medicine cabinet and some cotton to wipe down the blades, then store your razors in a dry place.

Your hair brushes

If not cleaned after use, hairbrushes will collect hairs, traces of hair products, dust, dirt, and even oil. Make sure to remove all the hair that remains on the brush every day. Also, ensure that you wash your hairbrush with shampoo at least once a month. You can use an old toothbrush to remove the dust that accumulates in the bristles of your hairbrush.

Your makeup brushes

Dirty makeup brushes are responsible for some of the blemishes that you have had to deal with. Wash your makeup brushes every time the bristles stop being soft, which is about every 2 weeks. Use a mild soap to wash the brushes, then dry them and store them in a sanitary place.


The toilet flush handle

It’s easy to forget to clean the toilet flush handle, even though everyone touches it after using the toilet and before washing their hands. Every time you clean the toilet bowl, ensure that you wipe down the toilet handle so as to prevent the transfer of germs from one person to the next.

Toilet brushes

Toilet brushes are tasked with one of the dirtiest jobs, so they should be cleaned very frequently. Soak your toilet brushes in hot water and bleach for over an hour to get rid of the grime and the bacteria, then rinse them with hot water. Remember to clean the toilet brush holders using the same process.

Your medicine cabinet

Most people’s medicine cabinets are cluttered with medicines and supplements that are way past their expiration dates. You should occasionally clean out your medicine cabinet and get rid of items that you no longer need. Read the directions on the containers to learn the safest method of disposing of the unwanted drugs.